Tips to Overcome Fear in Making Mistakes and Increase Confidence in Speaking Foreign Language

It takes time before a person learns how to communicate in a foreign language fluently and correctly, but along the way several issues related to confidence spring up to challenge the person’s quest for learning.

Whereas some people have chosen to give up altogether in learning foreign languages, many have become brave, resilient, and passionate enough to become better foreign-language communicators. Indeed, the latter kind has shown to have become successful in getting out of their comfort zones, and eventually at home in using foreign languages.

Don’t you think that’s an impressive feat?

Perhaps as a learner of any given foreign language yourself, you may have encountered nuances that have shaken your resolve to become a better foreign-language communicator. Anxiety and exhaustion, both of which are heavy factors that make some people give up on their foreign language studies, may have creeped into you already.

Now, given that you’re the type who’s afraid of making mistakes, or simply lacking in confidence in communicating in a foreign language, you have to understand that digging deeper can lead you to the solutions you need. Note that communication involves both written and spoken forms: the fear of mistakes, or lack of confidence in writing manifests differently to that of speech.

It thus pays to introduce this article as one that mainly intends to address concerns related to speaking foreign languages. Mistakes in foreign-language speaking can be shameful to the speaker, while lack of confidence can stall the speaker’s progress unhealthily. Consider the following tips that can help defeat your inner demons in your mission to learn speaking a foreign language.

Engage in One-On-One Learning Sessions

As a foreign-language speaker, you’ll realize that being surrounded by people with impressive mastery on the foreign language can help you get through the learning process smoothly. With that, consider attending one-on-one learning sessions hosted by a person who specializes in the foreign language you’re learning. With that, your mastery in foreign-language speaking can improve faster.

Don’t Overthink on What Others Say

Again, fear of mistakes and lack of confidence in speaking a foreign language owes much to what other people think of them. Do remember not to overthink about that though – keep in mind that you’re not in the business of pleasing everybody with your foreign-language studies. Whatever they say about you shouldn’t affect you adversely – their displeasure is their problem, not yours.

Don’t Strive for Perfection

 Nobody’s perfect – that’s a time-heralded passage that speaks the truth in volumes against perfectionism. In the case of speaking in a foreign language, chances are that your quest to perfection has broken down along the way through a series of frustrations borne out of mistakes. With that, make it a point to avoid perfectionist attitudes so you’d be inspired to learn more.

Talk to the Mirror

This part may sound ridiculously cliché to you, but becoming a more resilient foreign-language speaker requires a lot of practice. One of those exercises, of course, involves the mirror, which is useful for practicing solo speeches. Given that, make it a point to talk at yourself in the mirror regularly so you’d be able to improve your foreign-language speaking skills.’

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