Press Release Copywriting – Language Café Newcastle

The best way to learn a new language is to go somewhere where that’s the language spoken every day. But not everyone can afford travel just to do that. The next best thing is to chat with native speakers but not all students have the chance to study abroad and interact with others cultures directly.

We are very proud to announce that International House Newcastle and Northumbria University in collaboration with other renowned cultural and educational organizations such as: Consejeria de Educación of the Spanish Embassy in UK, Instituto Cervantes, The Hispanic Society of North-East, Routes into Languages North-East and the North East German Network, have decided to join forces to promote the learning of foreign languages in North East of England.

One of the biggest barriers that people face when learning a foreign language is lack of interaction with native speakers.

Language Café Newcastle answers this need by helping people of North East of England interested in learning or improving foreign language skills with the native speakers of a different languages living in the region in a friendly, informal way and for free.

“Language Café Newcastle is opened to everyone and offers a space for people of all levels to come together and learn, practice or improve their foreign language skills for free” say Raul Poncela, founder of the project and Head of Modern Foreign Languages at International House Newcastle.

“Also, it´s a great opportunity to meet new people, make friends, share cultural interests and exchange views in a multicultural and sociable way….and the best thing…absolutely for free” add Raúl.

Who are the attendees?

The attendees represent a genuine cross-section of the North-East society, of all ages, all levels and backgrounds. A number are professionals, others are new in the city, some are university students, teachers, people interested in doing business abroad or planning a gap year or get retired in a sunny and warm country…Language Café Newcastle is open to everyone!

All, however, share a great enthusiasm for meeting new people, travelling around the world; discovering other cultures and of course…learning foreign languages.

Reason for attending is diverse:

  • Some people have taken formal classes but now are looking for a conversation practice.
  • Others have Spanish, French or German relatives/friends or colleagues and wish to improve their foreign language skills in order to converse more fluently.
  • Some people are planning holidays, gap years or doing business in French, German or Spanish speaking countries and are learning the basics.
  • Others are keen to learn a foreign language in a practical and funny way.


There is no fixed routine to the Language Café Newcastle. The speaking leader of each language lead the session by animating the conversation, proposing new topics of conversation and acting as the main point of contact for the group.

Language Café Newcastle it is not a language class as the aim is stimulating the conversation in Spanish, French and German. The members of the conversation group will can to help each other with vocabulary or grammar.

People interest in volunteering as a speaking leader can get in contact with a member of the organization and they will explain how to do it. The speaking leader is not necessarily a trained teacher but needs to have a good standard of proficiency in the spoken language, enthusiasm and a willingness to listen as well as speak.

Attending a Language Café Newcastle session it´s going to be like a travelling around the world in just two hours; it´s going to be a very unique opportunity for the people of the region to learn more about other countries and its culture, leading to closer ties and the most important: bringing people of the world together.

This press released was feature on Get into Newcastle Magazine (online and offline) I love Newcastle (online) Speak to the Future (online) 



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