Discussion groups led by native teachers in bars and cafes


Fluenly, a new, full-service language-based platform dedicated to providing individuals worldwide with native, in-person authentic access to language classes and cultural immersion, is completely changing how people approach studying, developing, and implementing a newly learned language.

Borne from a passion for fusing professional, effective, and socially relevant settings into learning a new language, Fluenly enables site users, no matter there location, to join local Open Groups and Fluenly sessions that take place in nearby cafes restaurants, and pubs.

“We’ve all been there in school – we’re forced to memorize 100 vocabulary words, but never actually learn what settings and conversations they’re appropriate to apply,” said _______ , Founder and CEO of Fluenly. “With our site, individuals will be able to meet with qualified and native teachers, face to face, and practice their newly learned language elements in a social setting.”

Native speakers lead both Open Groups and Fluenly sessions through Fluenly.

Open Group is an open-invite event, usually at a café or public place, that permits as many attendees as possible. The sessions run close to two hours, and are held usually once or twice per week. A Fluenly session is more intimate and holds a maximum of 5 individuals looking to learn and practice a language with a qualified and experienced teacher. They typically run one hour long. After the class students will receive feedback with teacher´s comment and recommendations.

Right now, there are established global communities on Fluenly in Newcastle, and coming soon London, Barcelona Edinburgh, and the list keeps growing. Site visitors can easily see what upcoming sessions are available for attendance, and book their spot to keep track of their group discussions.

“Language is a barrier that doesn’t need to divide us – that’s why we aim to put people in contact with real, experienced and native speakers for their desired language,” said _______ . “Spread the word on the opening of our site, and head on over today to learn more about upcoming Open Groups and Fluenly sessions.”

For more information, or to get started today, visit Fluenly


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