Market Research : Edtech Startup 2017


Gooru org

Gooru’s learning navigator provides real-time data to help students understand where they are and how to reach their goals. Gooru blends powerful assessments and analytics with a catalog of learning resources to help teachers track student progress and understanding and meet the needs of every student.


We study how people learn to think and interact with the digital tools, apps and software. This is how we can generate useful and dynamic information and insights to leverage the educative experience.

Profesoringles net

In Spain there are many different standards of English teachers. It is not easy for prospective clients/students to find quality trainers. Profesoringles is a tool with the aim of facilitating the search for quality English teachers in Barcelona, Madrid and Spain. A “one stop shop” for English teachers in Spain.


KidPass is a monthly membership that gets your child into thousands of the best kids activities in your city.


The only reason your fun-tastic kids’ classes aren’t maxed out is because parents don’t know you’re out there. Let them in on your special blend of education + awesome by being where they are: Sawyer. It’s more than exposure, it’s a bottom-line business builder.


Pearachute is a monthly membership club that makes it easy for parents and caregivers to discover, book and drop into the best kid classes near you, all at the touch of a button.


Unleash the power of the business community into your classroom.


Plataforma pionera en las actividades extraescolares, un marketplace en España que conecta a padres y madres con centros que imparten actividades educativas para después de las clases, así como campus en periodos vacacionales.


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