My teaching philosophy

In the following paragraphs you will find my teaching philosophy result of my experiences as a Spanish language teacher, as well as interactions with my colleagues of International House Newcastle and King James I Academy.

A LEARNER-CENTERED APPROACH – I believe that by creating a student-centered learning, students will be able to take charge of their own education.

COLLABORATIVE AND COOPERATIVE LEARNING – Student collaboration is a primary focus of my teaching. Students learn better when they are in a collaborative learning environment in which they work in groups and must cooperate with each other.

ACTIVE LEARNING – I am convinced that students learn a language by using the language. Because of this belief, in my classes I tend to involve them in activities that require their active participation and efforts in discovering how the language works.

MOTIVATION – I am of the opinion that motivation is one of the key elements of success in foreign language learning.

TECHNOLOGY – I am convinced that it is important that students be conscious of what technology can offer, but it is even more important that they learn how to use these new tools effectively and autonomously.

STUDENTS FIRST – Education needs to be directed towards the individualistic needs of the students. The students and the teacher have to work together to understand their own needs so that the teacher can effectively create classroom contexts that will address these specific needs.