Since 2010 I have been developing marketing and growth strategies (offline & online) for educational institutions. Advanced level with the following software packages. 

Social media marketing Crowdfire, Tweetdeck , IFTTT, Audiense, Hootsuite, Buffer, Moz, Twitter cards & Facebook ads. Email marketing: Mailchimp, Acumbamail, Benchmark, Aweber and Mailify. Visual Design: Canva, Easil, Postcron, Pablo.Buffer. Infographic design: Haiku Deck, Piktochart,, SEO: Moz, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tool, Google Keyworker planner, Google trends, SERPs Rank Checker, SEM Rush,


In the summer of 2012 I designed a campaign called Different vision of life, inspired in a famous quote attributed to Federico Fellini, who in an interview and asked for the important of learning foreign languages said: “A different language is a different vision of life”

En verano del 2012 diseñé la campaña Different vision of life, inspirado por una frase atribuida a Federico Fellini, quien en una entrevista y preguntado por la importancia de aprender idiomas dijo:” Un lenguaje diferente es una visión de la vida diferente”

Este vídeo fue parte de la campaña desarrollada en Youtube y en las redes sociales. Fue creado con  wevideo

This video was part of the viral marketing campaign in youtube and the social networks. It was created with wevideo

Sitio web para la campaña de marketing Different vision of life.

Minisite for the marketing campaign Different vision of life.




In September of 2011 I organized an open evening to promote the modern foreign languages courses at International House Newcastle. The event was a success and We got many enrolments that night.

The organization of the event was quite complex: brochures in different languages, typical songs and  traditional dishes from different countries, get in contact with the local Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese communities, performances, marketing, social networks, the speeches…it was a big challenge for me!

En septiembre del 2011 organicé unas jornadas de puertas abiertas para promocionar los cursos de idiomas en International House Newcastle. El evento fue un éxito y obtuvimos varias matriculaciones de alumnos esa misma noche.

La organización del evento fue bastante complicada: folletes en varios idiomas, música tradicional y comida típica de diferentes países, contacto con las comunidades española, árabe, rusa y china de la ciudad de Newcastle, la organización de las actuaciones, el marketing, las redes sociales, los discursos….fue todo un desafio.

Este fue mi discurso

This was my speech

Hola y bienvenidos a International House Newcastle

Today is a very special day for me because I have been in Newcastle for exactly one year to this day.

I don’t want to bore you with my life story but……….. I want to share with you some of the things that I have learnt here in Newcastle

To be honest I didn’t know much about the history and culture in Northeast England.

But in the little time that I have spent here I have discovered that one of the characteristic of this region is a passion for life.

And it’s this passion for life that drew us to this city………..

Learning a language isn’t easy but…there are few things in life that are easy.

The only secret to learning a new language such us Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Spanish is to approach your studies with enthusiasm.

At International House Newcastle put everything into our work. We can offer you not only small groups, fantastic facilities or communicative methodology but the most important thing that we as school posses and the thing that we are most proud of is our passion for teaching languages.

Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoy the night.

Contratamos varias cuñas publicitarias en una de las radios más escuchadas de Inglaterra MetroRadio

We make some radio commercials in one of the most popular and listened radio stations in England MetroRadio

Dividimos el salón de actos de IH Newcastle en cuatro partes: una para el chino, árabe, ruso y español. En cada sección los profesores facilitaban información sobre los cursos y atendían a los invitados interesados en estudiar ese idioma.

In each corner of the Student’s room there was a different language teacher with promotional material of the Modern Foreign Languages wearing traditional dress and demonstrate other traditional aspects of their countries, music, dance, culture…

Yuan, nuestra profesora de chino / Yuan our Chinese teacher

Kadija nuestra profesora de Árabe / Kadija our Arabic teacher

Oksana, nuestra profesora de ruso / Oksana, our Russian teacher


Atendiendo a potenciales estudiantes para los cursos de español/ Attending potential students for the Spanish Courses

Momento de los discursos, un final perfecto para una noche estudenda / Time for the speeches, a perfect final for a lovely night



In December 2012 I created this brochure with all the information about our Spanish Courses at IH Newcastle.

NEW Brochure 2013

 En diciembre del 2012 creé este folleto con toda la información relativa a los cursos de español en IH Newcastle.

Brochure 2013

En junio del 2012 creé este folleto con toda la información relativa a los cursos de español en IH Newcastle.

In June 2012 I created this brochure with all the information about our Spanish Courses at IH Newcastle.


En el verano del 2011 creé este folleto con la descripción de las características de cada uno de nuestros cursos.

In the summer of 2011 I created this brochure with the description of the features of each Spanish course.

En septiembre del 2012 creé este folleto con toda la información sobre el curso de Español de los Negocios.

In september of 2012 I created this brochure with all the information about the business spanish course.


Spanish In-Training Brochure-page-001

Spanish Brochure-page-002 Spanish Brochure-page-001


Spanish Classes Poster

mfl-newsletter-november-2014-page-001mfl-newsletter-november-2014-page-002mfl-newsletter-november-2014-page-003mfl-newsletter-november-2014-page-004mfl-newsletter-november-2014-page-005mfl-newsletter-november-2014-page-006MFL – Newsletter November 2014

MFL - Newsletter December 2014-page-001

MFL - Newsletter December 2014-page-002

MFL - Newsletter December 2014-page-003

MFL - Newsletter December 2014-page-004

MFL - Newsletter December 2014-page-005

MFL - Newsletter December 2014-page-006

MFL – Newsletter December 2014

MFL - Newsletter January 2015-page-001

MFL – Newsletter January 2015


POSTER - Language Cafe

In May 2015 I founded the New Language Cafe Newcastle to promote the learning of foreign languages in North East of England. POSTER – Language Cafe

NEW design of our brochure for the Academic Year 2015-2016 View in pdf

In May 2015 I founded the New Language Cafe Newcastle involving the most renowned cultural and educational organizations such as: Northumbria University, The Hispanic Society of North-East, Routes into Languages North-East, the North East German Network, Instituto Cervantes and the department of education of the Spanish Embassy in UK to promote the learning of foreign languages in North East of England.


MFL Application Form 2014-15




In 2012 I created the first Spanish Film Festival in Newcastle







Spanish Classes Poster

el laberinto del fauno

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